Raf Simons eyewear collection at Calvin Klein, inspired by architecture

Raf Simons appoinment as Calvin Klein’s Chief Creative Officer in August 2016, sparked the curiosity to know how the upcoming collections of the Belgian designer for the New York firm would look like, among them the first eyewear collection.

It has been a long waiting, almost one year to see the first Raf Simons eyewear collection. But the truth is that it was worth it.

Designed at the brand’s headquarters in New York, at 205 W 39 Street, these first Calvin Klein sunglasses by Raf Simons makes clear the artistic style of the designer, architecture-inspired designs with bold rectangular shapes.
Calvin Klein 205W39NYC is the name of this first Raf Simons’ eyewear collection sunglasses, three models among which we have our favorite: CK8057S.

Calvin Klein CK8057S

Calvin Klein's Raf Simons eyewear collection CK8057SThese Art Deco stylished sunglasses have double color lenses with Calvin Klein logo and 205W39NYC model name vertically printed on each lens. Available in gray / green, pink / deep gray, blue / amber and burgundy / light gray.

Calvin Klein CK8058S

Calvin Klein's Raf Simons eyewear collection CK8058SA metal stick from side to side dominates the CK8058S, a totally metal design with rectangular shape in which both logos also appear vertically on the edge of both lenses. Two color scheme is available in gold and two in polished silver, the first in blue and green, and the second in burgundy and amber.

Calvin Klein CK8578S

Calvin Klein's Raf Simons eyewear collection CK8578
CK8578S is the last of the first Raf Simons eyewear collection for Calvin Klein. Open metal stick on top, rectangular shapes slightly rounded and both logos vertically displayed with a plastic frame. You will be able to choose between two options for polished gold, black or camel, and two options for polished silver model available in combination with white or burgundy.

Made in Italia by Marchon, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC eyewear collection suggested price is 425 €.

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