How to wear a scarf? 7 ways to fit your style

Its versatility is total but do you know how to take full advantage of its possibilities? In this post you will find seven ways to wear a scarf with style.

It is an accessory with infinite possibilities, we can even turn it into a dress, because there are no limits on how to wear a scarf, just your imagination. But as always it is good to have good references, María Clara Ricaurte and Carmen Peña, founders of Cedostopía , joined forces with influencer and photographer Adriana Roslin to give us these 7 ways to wear a scarf with style.

Skirt, dress or top

Cómo llevar un pañuelo · Vestido · How to wear a scarfWe start with three options in a row, three ideas that also make your favorite scarf a dress because… What if you turn it into a skirt or a vaporous dress? And a top for your party outings?

Spring and Summer are the ideal seasons to dare to use scarfs as main role players of your outfit, and get the most out of them as you can see in these images from Adriana.

Cómo llevar un pañuelo, atrévete a lucirlo como un topTurban

The turban is surely one of the ways to wear a scarf that you have seen most. Whether with a boho touch, tropical air or elegantly wrapping your head, the turban will help you to highlight your summer looks.

Cómo llevar un pañuelo, look turbante 3Bracelet

Rolled up on the wrist, the scarf can become a very original bracelet, especially if you play with their print colors.


Be it in a trousers or a skirt, even on your favorite denim, the belt-knotted scarf is one of the ways to turn a scarf into an accessory.

Tied to the bag

For the last of these seven ideas on how to wear a scarf, we have another option to wear it as an accessory. And surely you have seen this way more than once, with the scarf tied around your bag or your shopping bag, a fun touch to prove that good weather in Spring and Summer… inspires us!

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