Eyelash Extensions: 9 answers to clear your doubts

Are you undecided and still have some doubts about eyelash extensions?

Here you have 9 questions with their answers that for sure will help you decide about eyelash extensions, answers offered by Bárbara Torres that we believe will make you say a big ‘Yes’ to eyelash extensions!!

1. Which are the main reasons why eyelash extensions are used?

Usually because you have few eyelashes and you want to see more quantity or volume. Some people also opt for eyelash extensions because they want to say goodbye to the eyelash mask.

2. – Is it recommended to always use extensions? Is it convenient to leave a time between one session and the next one so the eye can take a breathe?

There is no problem in wearing the extensions continuously, as it does not damage the growth of your natural eyelash (as long as they are properly placed). Those who use eyelash extensions know that must be renewed every 6/8 weeks, so fillings are recommended every 2/3 weeks.

3.- Which are their advantage over eyelash tint and eyelash lifting? Do they spoil natural eyelashes or reduce their growth or thickness?

Tint and lifting are indicated for natural eyelashes, so if the eyelashes are short we are not lengthening them. The eyelash extensions get to give more length and volume. Neither are the natural eyelashes damaged if they are well placed and the right thickness and length is used.

4.- With their daily use, is it possible to make-up and remove make-up normally?

You can make-up and remove make-up perfectly, as long as you use water based products, never oily or waterproof products.

5.- Any tip before placing eyelashes extensions?

Always ask for the eyelash extensions material before their placement, the number of eyelashes that are placed and their price. It is not the same to place 120 0.15mm eyelashes than place 50 0.20mm thickness eyelashes, although the final effect is the same.

6.- Can everyone use eyelash extensions or is there any kind of contraindication? What criteria do the specialists follow when it comes to place eyelashes extensions?

They are not for everyone, there are a number of contraindications like eye infections or allergies, for example, where we can not place them. Regarding the criterion according to each person, before placing a set of eyelashes, Nouveau Lashes fills an eyelash and analyzes the effect you want to achieve, seeing what type of eyelash suit better to you. With these data Nouveau Lashes recommends curvature, length and thickness that best adapt to the wishes of each customer, always taking into account their natural eyelashes.

7. What material are NL eyelashes made of? And glue composition used for the treatment? Is it dangerous for the eye?

Eyelashes are made of silk (although there is also mink hair) and polyester. Nouveau Lashes uses ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive, a material that is no harmful for the eyes as it is specific for eyelashes. It is manufactured in the European Union and it has all relevant certificates. Moreover it does not enter inside the eye, since throughout the treatment the eyes must remain closed.

8.- How long do eyelash extensions usually last?

It takes about an hour and a half or so to place them, and fillers are recommended every two or three weeks to keep your eyelashes perfect. The eyelashes have a life cycle, and every 6 weeks should be renewed, so that your extensions will fall gradually.

9.- With summer time just around the corner… Are eyelash extensions a good option if we are going to the beach or swimming pool?

Water from the pool or sea is not a problem for eyelash extensions, but oily products such as sunscreens can be counterproductive, so be careful when applying them on the face.

And now, have you decided to use eyelash extensions?

* Bárbara Torres is Nouveau Lashes official distributor in Spain. Find more info about the brand, as well as the centers where you can place the extensions by visiting their website NouveauLashes.es.

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