Miami set the debut for the ON THE RUN TOUR: Beyoncé and JAY ​​Z, comming to Europe mid-september (12th & 13th) with a unique destination … Paris.

Beyonce and Jay-Z concert On The Run Tour kicks off in Miami.Unveilling the tour costumes at Miami Sun Life Stadium, Beyoncé opened the show performing JAY Z first joint song ever ’03 Bonnie & Clyde’ with JAY Z wearing a custom made tuxedo in black grain-de-poudre with a black and white American Flag print t-shirt from the upcoming Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Spring-Summer 2015 Menswear collection.

Beyoncé revealed her first Givenchy Haute Couture by Ricardo Tisci singing some of her greatest hits, a masculine black leather short jumpsuit with chunky zipper details with hand embroidered bra and panties. Designed in the back, the jumpsuit reads the inscription BBB 17 in a white and red embroidery.

‘Single Ladies’ set the unveilling of Riccardo Tisci’s second costume, a newest take on Beyoncé’s signature leotard, here in black stretch tulle all over embroidered with paillettes, 3D stones and crystals, and a fishnet on skin tulle center part.

In the show’s big finale, where Beyoncé and JAY Z appear for the last time, the singer wears a black vinyle and velvet bodysuit with a fishnet catsuit worn underneath and a dramatic American Flag ¡¡5 meters long!! shirt-skirt in black and white taffetas with stars embroidery designs.


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